Political Agenda

Stabilize Taxes

As a taxpayer, I have concluded citizens are more willing to pay taxes if they understand how they are calculated and to what line items of the city’s budget they go to. I aim to ensure the citizens of Port St Lucie are not over assessed and have a clear understanding of what their tax dollars are spent on. Simply put, I aim to stabilize or lower taxes if feasible and limit unduly fees passed on to our home and business owners.

Safe Neighborhoods

One of the many things that made our city one of the most desired places to live in the country is our safe neighborhoods. This is a direct reflection of the diverse mix of people we call neighbor and the exceptional job that is done by our police department. I aim to ensure all our first responders (Police, Fire, EMT, etc.) have everything that is necessary to keep our neighborhoods at-large safe as possible. Simply put, PSL is one of the few places a person can comfortably live, work, and enjoy leisure time, hence the mantra – “The City for All Ages.”

Economic Development

Throughout the City of Port St Lucie, there are a vast amount of economic development opportunities. No other locations present fruitful opportunity more so than the Westmoreland Riverfront Park and the all-purpose corridor adjacent to Interstate I-95 (South) known as “Southern Grove.” Additionally, I aim to do my part on behalf of the citizens of PSL to make “City Center” a destination location. More importantly, I look forward to generating new ideas for consideration and collaboration with fellow citizens, the city manager/department heads, the Economic Development Council, and colleagues alike to bring these projects to fruition.

Crisis Management

Throughout my work experience I have been a part of scenarios that required rational thinking. A municipality the size of the City of Port St Lucie is bound to have their share of “precarious moments” that require sound decision-making. Particularly, at the pace that the City of PSL is growing. Moreover, the key to minimize the negative impact a given scenario has on residents, a leader must be proactive and have a contingency plan in place. Furthermore, the leader has to do what’s necessary to mitigate any long term damage to our residents and their welfare. These skill sets I respectfully bring to the table!

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